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Best Places to Elope in St. Petersburg, FL!

The sunshine city offers so many beautiful places for you to elope! As a St. Pete native, I’m making the trips around town to photograph each one for you (well, when I can get back out that is). Before we started the Covid-19 lockdown, I was able to get to these first three of the best places to plan your intimate ceremony. Granada Terrace, Coffee Pot and Snell Isle are iconic St. Pete destinations for couples looking to say their I do’s in a low key yet gorgeous environment.

Granada Terrace

This sweet location holds special meaning to me as my sister and her husband were married here- by me! I got to switch over to officiant me and pronounce them husband and wife. Definitely a top 5 moment in my life so I thought it best to start here. The bougainvillea in bloom during most of spring and summer is stunning and the 360º views are perfect for your guests and photos. First light and golden hour before sunset offer the best lighting options.

Coffee Pot Boat Launch

Yes, I know it sounds crazy but this boat launch is rarely used and actually across the street from where your ceremony would take place. It is also just down the block from Granada Terrace. You have the waterfront views, the beautiful cover and in the spring and summer, the flowers are all the decor you would need! The sunrise and light shortly after is absolutely gorgeous here.

Snell Isle Park

This beautiful park is situated directly in front of the Vinoy Golf Club and down the street from the St. Pete Womens Club- 2 perfect venues for weddings with a few more guests, if you were to have more. Otherwise, if it’s just you, your beloved and your officiant, this park offers a couple different backdrops for you to elope. The greenery is in place year round and the gazebo was freshly refurbished in 2019! Again, golden hours are your best bet for the perfect light. Because it is the entrance and exit point to a neighborhood, rush hours would be a factor to consider.


Now for the serious stuff. These are all city parks which means permits are recommended, especially if you want to ensure privacy. That little piece of paper means you can kick out anyone else who invades your happy place. To apply, visit the city website here: All the info on rules and pricing can be found there. Also, did you know that in Florida, a marriage is legal with a license, an officiant and a couple. That’s all you need! No witnesses, guests, or other accoutrements required. As soon as it is safe, I will be venturing out to capture the rest of the perfectly pretty places for your pronouncement! If you have any questions, or would like to see more, feel free to contact me.

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