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Your wedding can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Do you want to walk down an aisle of grass, between the trees in a beautiful field on your family's property? Or, do you want to travel to Antelope Canyon to say your I Do's amid the orange earth? Or, do you want to sail on a catamaran over a gorgeous coral reef and promise your forevers? We could also simply meet at the bar where you had your first drink together and toast your vows as a newly married couple. However your ceremony will look, it needs to be you. Simple, bespoke, showy, adventurous, funny, solemn, active- whatever word best describes the way you see your wedding, we can create your perfect ceremony. Keep scrolling for all the pricing info. By the way, just like me, my pricing is an open book. I believe communication and honesty are the foundations of any relationship- including ours.

"Brandi was incredible...

My husband and I are far from creative. We needed some serious help with the right words for our type of wedding. Brandi Morris came to the rescue! She gave us a few options at first, then we chose our favorite and tailored it to our personalities and family. She was very professional and doesn't disappoint. You can tell she loves what she does. Highly recommend!!

Lisa & Mike

the basics

For elopements and the consummate traditionalists.


+ Access to library of prewritten ceremonies

+ Unlimited phone and email correspondence

+ Ceremony

+ License Filing

+ Keepsake vows




Most Popular

Next level

The most popular because it allows for a little creativity with the familiar.


+ Includes all of The Basics, plus:

+ Customization of prepared ceremony

+ Pre wedding meet up







The ultimate in handcrafted ceremonies.


+ Includes all of The Basics and Next Level, plus:

+ Rehearsal

+ Fully bespoke ceremony - absolutely one of a kind






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You're always welcome to call me at 727.515.6659 or email Or, fill in the info below and I'll reach out within the next 24 hours. Be sure to give me details about what you envision, I want to know everything! Thank you!


I got it and will be in touch very soon, thank you!Uhoh, don't give up, you've made it this far! Please try again, or call for info.

What if we want to travel for our wedding?

Great! I'm always up for exploring. I've been all around the US, Mexico, Europe, the Caribbean, and adding Iceland this fall! Wherever you want to go, I'll be there!

do you perform weddings for all?

Heck yeah! Love is love. Love always wins (and you remember what I said about winning, right?). Whatever your story, I'm here for you with open arms and all the bells!

can we incorporate our own traditions?

Yes. 100% yes. To make all of this perfectly clear, your wedding day is your wedding day and I want to make it as much you as humanly possible.